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posted on September 9th, 2012

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    • Famous On the Inside DUBSTEP REMIX for all you True Belivers… courtesy of JYB & Eyeshine!! Woo Hoo! :) Enjoy!

      Send us your remixes and fan art and we will share and blog the heck out of it! ;)


    • Awards Season is upon us ROCK n ROLL!

      So, it is that time of year… the time of the year when various film festivals and online awards competitions start gearing up. We are submitting left and right (IAWTV, Streamys, and more…) and for some of them, we need a little support.

      We would be very appreciative if you would take a few moments and use the fancy widget below to nominate our show for a STREAMY. Either for #BestComedySeries or #BestEnsemble… We submitted in a variety of categories (scroll down if you want to see all that we submitted to), but these 2 main ones would rock our tiny action figure socks if we could nail one. To nominate us use your twitter account and the widget below :) THANKS in advance!!

      Directors & Writing

      Best Direction -Steven Calcote

      Best Writing: Comedy - Yuri Lowenthal


      Best Ensemble Cast !!!!

      Best Male Performance: Comedy - Travis Willingham (Hero Man)

      Best Female Performance: Comedy - Tara Platt (Hero Lass)

      Best Guest Appearance - Phil Morris (Black Velvet)

      Best Original Song - Shelf Life by Brendan McCreary


      Best Comedy Series  !!!!!

      Best Live Event - Shelf LIVE


      Best Production Design - Tara Platt

      Best Cinematography - Mark Legaspi

      Best Use of Fashion & Design - Lino Stavole, Stephanie Stevens, Tara Platt

      Best Editing - Matthew Gilna

      Best Visual Effects - Jason Milligan


    • DVD creation and costume fittings, oh my!

      We had an amazing evening last night putting together the cast/director commentary for the DVD for Seasons 1-3. Travis Willingham (Hero Man), Bryan Enk (Samurai Snake), Yuri Lowenthal (Bug Boy) and Tara Platt (Hero Lass) watched thru and chatted/laughed as we revisited Season 1, then director Steven Calcote joined in the merriment for Seasons 2 and 3 while our amazing audio engineer and all around sound guru Juan Bagnell rocked the audio by setting up multiple mics to record the commentary for each season.

      Plus we did our first costume fitting for the new costumes for Season 4 with our amazing costumer Holly Conrad. It was SUPER DUPER exciting to try on the new duds and chat about Season 4 shoot plans.

      Stay tuned for fun updates on both the DVD (a perk for our recent IndieGoGo campaign - plus it will be available for purchase on the website) and more about our pre-production on Season 4!



      Thank you all for your extremely generous donations, for your help sharing, and for your general enjoyment, comments, and interest in our twisted little show. It is especially inspiring to see people step up and pay for something they like in a world where torrenting is easy and YouTube is free. Talk is cheap. Thanks for your respect.

      As a special thank you from us to you, here is a group shot from behind-the-scenes on the Aaron Douglas episode with the cast and many members of the crew (including, clockwise from L)  Juan Carlos Bagnell - sound, Steven Calcote - director, Mark Legaspi - cinematographer, Lillian Diaz-Przybyl - script supervisor, and super rockin’ support team-cheerleader Jenn!)

      And the same group goofing off as we do MOST of the time on set! :) We promise we’ll be really serious about goofing off from here on out!

      Also, huge thanks to all who played the Shelf Life IndieGoGo GAME… we loved all the guesses and participation! Our winner is Natalie F. who guessed $34,600 which was just $21 over the final amount! Way to go! We will ship your Shelf-y Swag out ASAP!

      Much appreciation, gratitude, thanks and serious Shelf Love to each and every viewer, tweeter, re-tweeter, facebooker, donator (yeah, we know it is donors, but donators sounds more “sci-fi”) (actually, “donerator” sounds even better), supporter, and sideline cheerleader. We really do appreciate each and every one of you and your contributions to our show!


    • This is it! It’s only a matter of hours til the END of our IndieGoGo campaign! Hey, trust us, we want it to be over, too…but we also want to go OVER as well! So help us keep the number climbing and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR all of your support. If you still haven’t donated (or even if you have), feel free to listen to Travis (Hero Man) tell you what he will do for the show. (hint it has to do with getting down on his knees)… and if you need even more motivation, you can catch Yuri’s St. Hero Man’s Day Speech here!


    • Tara promised that she’d do an epic dance as soon as our SHELF LIFE YouTube channel hit 100,000 views.

      Well, she’s a woman of her word. Enjoy.


    • Day 29... TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY!!

      Holy Wow! We’re almost at the end! The countdown is now in a matter of hours rather than days. Thank you all for your continued support, for sharing, for donating, even for telling your frenemies, and for generally being supportive of our efforts and the show!

      We have surpassed our GOAL and want to raise even more thanks to YOU!

      Plus we are having a fun GAME to guess what our total amount raised will be, so make sure to play - guesses are due in today by 5p PST :)

      Here is Tara showing off her Light Socket. It is BIG. And you know what goes into a big light socket? A BIG PLUG! That’s what she said!

      What else did she say?


    • Egads! We only have 2 days left in our IndieGoGo campaign to raise $30K in 30 days, and though we have gone over (HOORAYS), we still need more (to make the show even awesomer!!)… Please donate now. We work hard for your money. So hard for it, honey! And here to show you how much, are Hero Lass and Bug Boy doing a sexy little dance just for you that we like to call: The Shelf Life Shuffle.*+

      *Actually, we don’t like to call it that, but “Shelf” and “Shuffle” alliterated so well we found it hard to resist. Please, for the love of all that is holy, come up with a better name for this dance.

      +This dance isn’t to be confused with the dance Tara promised to do for hitting 100K views on YouTube… that my dear friends is also going to happen if you were at all concerned (for yourselves and the world)


    • IndieGoGo GAME...

      WE ARE SO very excited about reaching our IndieGoGo GOAL and thrilled that we have surpassed the $30K and continue to climb that we want to do something fun for you all…. So we have a FUN GAME just for YOU!! Everyone can play even if you haven’t donated…

      Send in (via email or tweet to @shelflifeseries) your estimate of our final amount when the campaign closes THIS Friday night by Thursday at 5p PST and the CLOSEST* estimate for the final amount raised will get a care package of FUN Shelf Life swag…. I smell a t-shirt, and a pen and a button burning a hole in our grubby paws with your name on it!!

      We even have a sample tweet for you to use for gameplay:

      My guess for @shelflifeseries campaign final amount raised is $XXXXX how high do you think they will go? #ShelfLifeGame

      *The closest estimate can be either above or below and will be pulled from all guesses made by Thursday August 16 at 5p PST, and then mailed out after the campaign closes

      ** If there are two tied estimates, one will get a t-shirt, pen, and button, and the other will get a mouse-pad, pen and button, so everyone can be happy!!

      *** If there is more than a two-way tie, we will place all the possible names in a hat and draw a winner, so it is all fair and fun!


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